Learn Management Skills Online

This class is a must for anyone moving into a management position!

Make sure you have the necessary tools for moving into a management position and staying there.  Know how to navigate through the "management minefield" with ease, how to deal with peer as well as upper management pressure.  Learn methods for dealing with unruly employees, how to understand office politics and listening techniques for knowing what your boss is really saying. Understand the impact of effective management on corporate goals and profitability.

This course will help you become a successful manager.

Learn Management Skills Online and build management skills by:

  • Reflecting on supervisors you've worked with in the past to help identify traits of good and poor ones
  • Identifying your current skill level and important traits
  • Identifying what managers, customers and employees expect of you
  • Identifying company policies and codes of behavior that you will be expected to maintain

Be empowered for dealing with all aspects of a management level position.

Effectively manage your own performance and your employees' performance by doing the following:

  • Learning ways to motivate employees and to get their support for you and your expectations of them
  • Setting goals for yourself, prioritizing tasks and delegating to employees
  • Applying effective communication skills 
  • Applying effective problem-solving techniques
  • Applying coaching and feedback skills to employees
  • Performing effective evaluations
  • Evaluating your own performance in this course

Accomplish objectives by:

  • Applying various techniques for analyzing a situation and making decisions
  • Applying techniques to conduct effective meetings


Students should be familiar with browsing the internet, uploading files and using their operating system.


No special software or equipment is required for this course.

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