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VBA ProgrammingI learned to use Access, Excel and Word years ago and in my current job I typically use these three applications daily. I noticed one day that I was doing the same kinds of things in each of the applications - repeating the same steps to accomplish the same tasks. I remembered learning about macros in my classes years ago, but I knew for what I needed to do I would need to know more than just how to record and playback a macro.

I signed up for the VBA Programming online course at Lifetime to Learn. It was my first experience learning online and I was a bit concerned about being able to learn in that environment. They offer a tutorial on how to use the classroom that taught me what I needed to know to get started.

I like that the course used a book as the main source of content. I bought a copy at my local bookstore and I keep it on my desk as a reference I use often.

In the first lesson we learned how to record a macro, something I already knew, but in the strange learning environment it was comforting to start off with something I could easily master. Completing that first lesson gave me confidence I could learn online.

The majority of the course covered some basic programming concepts and applied these to examples in Word, Excel and Access. Since I had never programmed before this was all new to me, but I found that by working regularly, a little bit every day, I was able to work through the content, examples and assignments. The course content contains worked examples that add to the content in the book. Each lesson also includes links to online resource. If I had a hard time understanding the examples in the book I found a website that explained things in a way that made sense to me.

For the assignment in each lesson I created a macro of my own design that used what was covered in that lesson. By the end of the course I had written a macro that I now use in my work daily. By applying what I learned to what I needed know, it made it easier to transfer what I learned to my everyday work.

The instructor stayed in contact and quickly responded to any questions or concerns I had. Her feedback helped me to become a stronger VBA programmer. I know that learning online means that I take responsibility for what I learn, but I never felt alone because the instructor supported me throughout the course.

Using the macros I created in class saves me hours of work. The investment in learning VBA Programming pays off every day.


Students should be comfortable working with the Office applications.


Students will need a copy of Microsoft Word, Excel or Access. A 30-day trial is available.

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